Alexandre Caseiro

Dr. Alexandre Caseiro

Research Associate

I started a PhD on the chemical composition of the European aerosol in 2004. I stayed at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria) until 2007 for the laboratory work of the PhD. In 2007 I moved to the University of Aveiro where I collaborated with several projects (modelling, instrumental and field work). At the same time I wrote the PhD thesis (defended late 2008). In 2011 I accepted the invitation from UVW to join their air quality modelling team. There, I worked with air quality models, applied to a vast array of projects from the local to the regional scale, with risk evaluation and indoor air quality. Programming, statistics/data analysis, atmospheric remote sensing and GIS became part of my daily work. In March 2015 I started a Post-Doc at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (Mainz). For the first two and a half years I developed a methodology to detect and characterize gas flares using SLSTR (Sentinel-3 satellites). The methodology was used to produce a one year gas flaring activity and emissions inventory. From October 2017 I also worked on a project which used infrared data from drones, airplanes and satellites to improve the retrieved information on fires.